Has been used ever since a baby!

Hudson will be 9 years old this year, and has been using his DoggyBag ever since he was a baby…


A great investment!

“I have had mine for 10 years now, and it is still going strong! Thank you DoggyBag

Jacki Harding

Thoroughly Recommend!

“Certainly works a treaton a soggy, mucky, Springer! Easy to use and very effective on drying and cleaning the mucky doggy.


Excellent Product!

Keeps muddy paws off both car and furniture. A microfibre towel does the same job but not with the same dirt control! A good purchase and my dog is happy to sit and dry wearing it.

George Smith

It is honestly the best thing ever!

I bought one of your bags at HOYS and have now used it on our cocker spaniel puppy. It is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!

He’s finally worked out that I bought a medium so it will still fit him when he is grown up, not so that he can try to walk around in it!

It is honestly the best thing ever! So much better than a basic towel and so incredibly simple. Pop him in, rub him down and out comes a dry puppy! Perfect as he loves running through all the wet grass on his morning walks!”

Beth Lewis

It’s an absolute miracle product!

“This is by far the BEST purchase I’ve made for my Cavachon. Instead of frantically cleaning and drying him after a walk, before setting down to work, I simply pop him in the bag for 40 minutes whilst he rests, then get on with my work/meetings.
It’s an absolute miracle product and I’m so pleased I invested in it. I’m telling everyone about it when I see their dogs sitting in muddy puddles!!” 🤣


Josephina and Jazz



Worth every penny!!

I purchased three bags from you recently and here they are in action! All three dogs love mud, water and rolling in deer poo!

We love the Doggy Bags, they work really well and worth every penny!”


Susan Culver

The results are impressive!!

Towels were what we used to dry both of our poodles, but they were never quite good enough to do a thorough job and the dogs would feel damp even after a vigorous rub.
We bought 2 Doggy Bags and are very pleased with the results after they have been in for just 5-10 minutes; it’s a lot easier than trying to towel them and the results are impressive with them both being thoroughly dry.
We have already recommended these to family and would happily do the same should anyone else ask!
 Paul Wickham


I wouldn’t be without them!!


Received my 3rd Doggy bag for the latest pup which means happy dogs, happy Mummy and clean car and camper! I recommend these wherever I can and wouldn’t be without them. Thank you Doggy Bag.

Here’s Ethel, Ada and Mr Bentley in that order after a wet and windy walk! 



Sally Holloway

It’s honestly so handy!!

It saves the boot of the car from being covered in mud and sand. We use it all the time at the moment due to the horrid weather up here in Aberdeen. It’s honestly so handy!




All in all, great products that do exactly what they say!

Great products and loved by recipients as given as a gift for their new puppy. Bought the small as recommended for WHWT.  It works really well and dries quickly inside and out. Puppy has really taken to the towel choosing to just lie on it too! All in all great products that do exactly what they say!



Linda Donovan

Had ours for 5 years now and it is still going strong!

The best purchase we have ever made, money well spent!


Kirsty Horn

Would definitely recommend!
Must say we are very happy with Doggy Bag and will now need to get one more for our other Springer. The dogs got thoroughly soaked in the rain and it was amazing to see how dry he was after just 20mins in the bag! 

Ken Milloy


A lot easier than towel-drying!!

My Labrador just loves to swim in the river on her regular walking route; in fact she’s in the river about 7 times each walk. Bath towels were what I used to dry her with, but they were never quite good enough to do a thorough job. 

I found Doggy Bag on the internet, read the reviews, and bought the large one for Lulu, who weighs 27kg.

Very pleased with the results after she’s been in for 15 minutes; it’s a lot easier than trying to towel dry her, and it gives her a good place to calm down and rest when we get home.


Ray Hilliard and Lulu


The girls are dry, clean and soft from their Doggy Bags!

They are perfect after my girls have been running in the wet grass and mud at my stables. – pop them in their bags and by the time I’m home, I just give them a quick rub and any mud left on them just falls off.  The girls are dry, clean and soft from their Doggy Bags!


Karen Tinsley Martinez

Buy one, you won’t regret it!!

I bought our Doggy Bag 2 years ago and it is probably the best purchase I’ve made as far as our Long Haired German Shepherd is concerned. He pretty much puts himself in it now after a muddy walk and comes out of it dry and clean with all the mud and dust contained in one place.

Really, don’t think it about just buy one you won’t regret it!!

@Paul Ruffle

Can’t imagine life without it!!

We purchased our Doggy Bag last week and Molly our 18 month cocker just loves it.
It works really well and dries a wet and muddy dog to perfection. I now can not realise what life would be without the Doggy Bag!

Paul Lilly 

It’s revolutionised my life!

We bought our Doggy Bag at Olympia 4 years ago it has revolutionised my life!
My boy, Kobi, is a mud magnet and he loves his Doggy Bag and it’s saved me an absolute fortune in towel washing. Best thing I ever bought!

Sue Birch


The Doggy Bags are brilliant!  With 4 dogs at home, they save the house from getting so mucky with wet dogs. 

Paul Baxter

Thank you for a brilliant product!!

Here’s Bentley, Teddy and Percy after a particularly muddy walk, drying off in their Doggy Bags. They’re a brilliant product!


Would 100% recommend it!!

Chester just loves his Doggy Bag.  We’ve had it for 5 years now and we use it every day! When we get in from a walk, we put him straight into the bag and all the mud falls straight off.  He then dries quickly in it too.  We would 100% recommend it!


So good, we bought two!!

Doggy Bag is the best thing we ever bought. Having a spaniel means everything is prone to getting soggy and muddy, but not any more! After a day at the beach or a nice clean shower, we just pop her in the Doggy Bag and give her a good rub down. It stops her wiggling around and shaking water everywhere. It really is a game changer – so good, we bought two! 

Hestia Sussex Spaniel @hestiasussexspaniel

Best thing since sliced bread!!

The Doggy bags saves so much less mess. Our Bernese lays there quite happily while we pat her dry and she is zipped in the bag.  All the dirt is contained inside and and then we just shake it outside. The bags soon dry and don’t need washing all the time plus they don’t smell like wet towels too! Best thing since sliced bread!!

Maureen Bunting

They love their Doggy Bags!!

Here’s Rosey and Nancy our Cavapoo and Cockerpoo after a much needed bath. They both love their Doggy Bags and it gives us a bit of peace too! ?

Syd Goring

Fab product we use it daily!

Probably the best bit of kit we bought after going for a wet, dirty walk.  Fab product, we use it daily! It absorbs all the water quickly so he’s ready to go! 


Well worth the money!

I bought our Doggy Bags 2 years ago and thought they were quite expensive but after using them daily for many years they are well worth the money!  Can highly recommend Doggy Bag.


Kirsty Tyson


Worth Every Penny!!

Having 2 long haired dogs, the Doggy Bag products are worth every penny! Any water or mud is quickly absorbed due to the high quality microfibre. I love the unique zip-up design, as it contains any mess whilst drying. They are also extremely long lasting; our first bag has been going strong for 7 years of daily use!

Without a doubt, Doggy Bag have made bath time and post-walkies cleaning so much easier and we couldn’t be without one!

Lily Hayward @sandyandpebbles_


Absolutely magic!

Best thing we ever bought for our dogs (and believe me, we’ve bought some stuff!). We tried one first, to see if it really did work, and straight away ordered another 3! The dogs go straight in them whenever they are wet or muddy, we give them a quick rub down and then they stay in them for about 10 minutes and come out clean and dry. Absolutely magic!

Lisa Ruddock 


I bought two of these from your stand at Crufts on Thursday, and had occasion to use them on Sunday for the first time ….. FABULOUS !! Will. be in touch soon for another for our Jackapoo. Thanks guys!

Dee Dolby


What a great product!

We mainly use the Doggy Bags when we are away in our motorhome as keeping Flossie (our van) looking vaguely pristine is important to us and three dogs could make that somewhat difficult!  A great product and worth persevering to get the dogs used to the idea of being snuggled up in the bag.

Pic: Bailey (black Lab), Ziggy (Springer) and Baxter (Border Terriorist!).  

Gill Pennington

This will transform my life…

My wee border terrier in her new Doggy Bag. The bit I HATE about muddy walks is having to come into the house – often soaked and muddy myself – to get a bucket of warm water to wash her down. This will transform my life… living on the wet west coast of Scotland, most walks are muddy!

Joy Crosby

The best thing we gave ever bought!

Rodger Rodney Hugie and Sally in their doggy doggy bags.  The best thing we have ever bought to get them clean and dry.  Pop them in have a cuppa then then let them out all clean and dry.

Susan Marshall

It has been fabulous!

Two very rainy days since I bought a Doggy Bag at Badminton and it has been fabulous …especially with a white tiled floor. Crumble likes it too!

Stewart Dobson 

Love our Doggy Bags so much!

Love our doggy bags so much, do not disturb after a long wet walk along a wind swept beach at Fresh Water East.

Sarah Jane Evans

A really great purchase!

Our cocker spaniel Ducati loves his new doggy bag that we purchased at Olympia this week. I couldn’t believe how well it worked after he’d been bathed, no more wet dog smell and dry in no time! Fantastic after a walk too as this dog can find water and mud in the driest places!! A really great purchase. Thank you.

Natasha Bray

Best thing ever! 

This is the best thing I’ve purchased for my Dog Ever !!!!! Barney jumps in the bag after his walk and just sleeps till we get home , then after shaking he’s one clean and dry dog again AMAZING!


Jo Hartnell-Parker

This Bag Is Amazing!

Just to say thank you for possibly the best product I have ever bought for my Yorkshire terrier. I bought this bag on Thursday at the caravan show in Birmingham and was very sceptical as my dog is very difficult to dry and keep clean . But I have to say this bag is amazing thank you so much.

Sylvia Rudd

Best purchase ever made!

Best purchase ever made…thank you Doggy Bag!


Rachel Cohen